Guest Coupon Books (12 Coupons) $50 per book

Fully Bonded Family, minus 2020 deposit $474

Family With Bond Payment, minus 2020 deposit  $624

2020 Deposit Only $125

Fully Bonded Single Adult, minus 2020 deposit  $389

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The Senior Couple rate (one or both members 62 or older) is $474

The Single Adult rate is $514

Fully Bonded Senior Couple, minus 2020 deposit  $349

Fully Bonded Senior, minus 2020 deposit  $274


Senior Couple With Bond Payment, minus 2020 deposit  $499

Single Adult With Bond Payment, minus 2020 deposit  $549

Bond Payment is $150

The Family rate for joining PRSC is $599 and includes Parents and/or Guardians (max 2 adults) and children residing in the household A child is defined as 22 years old or younger as of Memorial Day 2020. If you have additional adults residing in your household, you can add them to your membership for $85 per person

Senior With Bond Payment, minus 2020 deposit  $424

The Senior rate (62 or older) is $399

Pheasant Run Swim Club

Summer Babysitter $85

Summer Guest/Added Adult $85