1.  List of equipment needed:
     a.  For Practice -

  • Bathing suit

  • Goggles (2 pairs)

  • **Fins, possibly with socks to avoid blisters (typically purchased at Danzeisen & Quigley on Rt. 70 in Cherry Hill) - used all the time

  • Swim Cap for girls

  • Drag suit

     b.  For Swim Meets -

  • Team suit: Solid black

  • 2 working pairs of goggles, in case one breaks

  • Swim cap (must be a Pheasant Run swim cap; personalized caps can be ordered)

  • 2 towels

  • Folding chair is helpful

  • Warm clothes if chilly

  • Plenty of HEALTHY snacks

  • Water (overhydrate, especially on hot days)

2.  Practices
     a.  Practice Times are posted on the Pheasant Run website and the team calendar
     b.  Swimmers are expected to arrive for practice 15 minutes prior to posted times.
     c.  Practices will be held rain or shine.  In the instance of lightening, a coach will make the determination if a practice is                      canceled.  If practice is canceled, Coach Schroeder will send out a REMIND

3.  Private lessons
     a.  Private lessons are offered to anyone on the swim team by the assistant coaches to work on areas specific to your swimmer      (starts, certain strokes, etc).
     b.  Lessons are $20 for a 20 minute session (these are extra and paid directly to the coach providing the lesson).
     c.  You must sign up with a specific coach ahead of time, based on their availability.
     d.  More information in the Parent Handbook and by
clicking here.
     e.  Coach Schroeder will be offering “Clinics” that will run 3 x per week
     Registration is limited.

4.  Mentors for 8 & Unders
     a.  Swimmers in Group I and Group II of the 8 & Under age group will be assigned a “Mentor” by the coaches. 
     b.  A “Mentor” is another swimmer on the team between the ages of 13 and 18. 
     c.  The purpose of the mentor program is to show the younger swimmers how to act during a swim meet (ie, cheer for your              teammates).  Although, some swimmers may receive a “goodie” bag from their mentors, it should not be about what you get.  If      they receive candy from their mentor, please try to encourage your swimmer to wait until after their swims to consume it. (Good      luck!)

5.  “A” Meets vs “B” Meets
      a.  A Meets are held on Saturday mornings starting at 9:00am (although swimmers must report earlier for warm-ups: typically           around 7:30am for home meets).  There are 66 events (order of events listed in the Appendix) across 5 age groups.

  • Coaches typically notify 8 & Under parents on Thursday evening if their swimmer will participate in the Saturday meet for that weekend (typically swimmers in Group II of the 8 & Unders will swim in the Saturday meets).

  • Coaches decide what each swimmer will swim and will notify them at practice on Friday mornings during their team meeting.  A swimmer can swim a maximum of two individual events and two relays.

  • There are five Saturday meets against the other teams in the A Division

           (2017 - Wenonah, Greenfields, Deerbrook, Wedgewood and Pomona)

                    o  The A Division team with the worst dual meet record at the end of the season moves to the B Division; the                                         B Division team with the best dual meet record at the end of the season replaces the team that moves down.

  • At the conclusion of each home or away meet (typically around 11:30am or 12:00pm), there is a “Ribbon Ceremony” at Pheasant Run.  This is to publicly recognize each swimmer’s ribbons won at that particular meet. 

                    o  “Personal Best” ribbons awarded to swimmers 13 and under who swam best times.
o  “Q Socks” are awarded to swimmers for achieving a new qualifying time for Tri-County Championships. 

  • For away meets, the team meets in the parking lot of Pheasant Run at a specific time communicated by coaches to caravan to the meet. 

  • A swimmer can only qualify for Tri-County Championships in a Saturday meet.

     b.  B Meets are held on Wednesday nights starting at 6pm and last around 2 ½ hours.  Swimmers typically report to the pool for      home meets at 4:45pm and 5:10pm for away meets.

  • Events that swimmers are scheduled to swim will be posted at Pheasant Run on Wednesday morning before practice.

  • Wednesday night meets are usually for swimmers 11 and under, unless an older swimmer would like to swim (they would just need to notify the coach of their desire to swim)

  • Typically all 8 & Under swimmers will participate in Wednesday meets.

  • Mini team swimmers will swim at the HOME meets on Wednesdays.

  • No score is kept at these meets, but ribbons are awarded (passed out at practice the following morning)

  • Once a swimmer has qualified for Tri-County Championships for a particular event, they may not swim that event in a Wednesday night meet.

6.  Role of Parents
     a.     During practices and meets, parents are asked to keep off the pool deck as to not distract swimmers from what          their coaches have asked them to do.  We will be doing a lot of teaching, we need our swimmers focusing on the              practices and such and parents on deck are the #1 distractor both for swimmers and for coaches.  PLEASE PLEASE          PLEASE Stay off deck until practices are completed.
     b.  Parents are also asked to avoid the tent area where the swimmers convene during meets.
     c.  Please volunteer to help out during meets, particularly Wednesday night meets.  It is a great way to meet other parents as          well as gain an understanding of how meets are run.
 Be sure to check your email and read communications from coaches.

  • ​​It is very helpful to sign up for the text alerts that Coach Dave sends out.  Some things change at the last minute and this is a great way to stay on top of things.

7.  Fridays during the season
     a.  For swimmers participating in a Saturday meet, it is expected that they will not stay at the swim club after practice to swim so      they can rest. 
     b.  Typically, the parents of the younger age group swimmers organize an activity outside of the pool.  In the past, this has                ranged from nail painting to poster making to a trip to the movies. 

  • You do NOT have to be swimming on a Saturday to participate in these fun, team-building activities!

8.  Riverdel Mini Meet (Sunday, July 23, 2017 at Riverdel Swim Club, Riverside, NJ)
     a.  Spectators are charged for admission and a program at this meet.
     b.  This meet is only for swimmers ages 9 and under.
     c.  It is expected that all eligible swimmers participate in this event.
     d.  Swimmers swim their own age (not in age groups).
     e.  High Point Winner and High Point Runner Up Awards given for each age group.
     f.  Team awards also given out.

9.  Championship Season
     a.  Burlington County Championships (July 29, 2017 at Pheasant Run)

  • Spectators are charged for admission and a program at this meet.

  • This is a meet against all of the team in the Tri-County Conference located in Burlington County.

  • This is a “Coaches Pick” meet, meaning the coaching staff will choose which swimmers will swim and what events they will swim.

  • Each team may only enter one swimmer in each event. 

  • Each swimmer may swim a maximum of one individual event and two relays.

     b.  Tri-County Championships (August 5-6, 2017 at Wenonah Swim Club, Wenonah)

  • Spectators are charged for admission and a program at this meet (both days).

  • Swimmers must meet a qualifying time during a Saturday meet in order to swim at this meet.  Qualifying times are listed at www.tricountyswimming.org.

  • Swimmers can swim a maximum of 2 individual events and 2 relays.

  • Preliminary heats are swum on Saturday (two sessions: AM session – 11-12 boys and all 10 and under qualifiers; PM session – 11-12 girls and all 13-18 qualifiers) and the Top 12 Finalists for individual events swim on Sunday.  Relays are timed finals (only swim once) with teams ranked 13-36 (based on entry times) swimming on Saturday and teams ranked 1-12 swimming on Sunday.

10.  End of Season Parties (Friday, August 4, 2017 and Sunday, August 6, 2017)
     a.  Pasta “Q” Cap Party on Friday, August 4, 2017

  • EVERYONE on the team (and family) is invited.

  • There are several purposes for this party. 

               o  The team gets together for a pasta dinner the night before Tri-County Championships. 
o  Tri-County qualifiers receive a “Tri-County” Qualifier Swim Cap. 
o  All swimmers receive their team gift (a thank you for being part of the team).

  • Everyone who attends brings food to share.

     b.  Post Tri-County Party on Sunday, August 6, 2017

  • EVERYONE on the team (and family) is invited

  • After the final session of the Tri-County, the team goes back to Pheasant Run to hand out awards won at the meet. 
  • Dinner is typically provided.

 Appendix (Swim Meet Order of Events)

Event 1                 100 Meter Individual Medley Girls 12 & Under
Event 2                 100 Meter Individual Medley Boys 12 & Under
Event 3                 100 Meter Individual Medley Girls 13-14
Event 4                 100 Meter Individual Medley Boys 13-14
Event 5                 100 Meter Individual Medley Girls 15-18
Event 6                 200 Meter Individual Medley Boys 15-18
Event 7                 100 Meter Medley Relay Girls 8 & Under
Event 8                 100 Meter Medley Relay Boys 8 & Under
Event 9                 100 Meter Medley Relay Girls 9-10
Event 10               100 Meter Medley Relay Boys 9-10
Event 11               200 Meter Medley Relay Girls 11-12
Event 12               200 Meter Medley Relay Boys 11-12
Event 13               200 Meter Medley Relay Girls 13-14
Event 14               200 Meter Medley Relay Boys 13-14
Event 15               200 Meter Medley Relay Girls 15-18
Event 16               200 Meter Medley Relay Boys 15-18
Event 17               25 Meter Freestyle Girls 8 & Under
Event 18               25 Meter Freestyle Boys 8 & Under
Event 19               50 Meter Freestyle Girls 9-10
Event 20               50 Meter Freestyle Boys 9-10
Event 21               50 Meter Freestyle Girls 11-12
Event 22               50 Meter Freestyle Boys 11-12
Event 23               100 Meter Freestyle Girls 13-14
Event 24               100 Meter Freestyle Boys 13-14
Event 25               100 Meter Freestyle Girls 15-18
Event 26               100 Meter Freestyle Boys 15-18
Event 27               25 Meter Backstroke Girls 8 & Under
Event 28               25 Meter Backstroke Boys 8 & Under
Event 29               25 Meter Backstroke Girls 9-10
Event 30               25 Meter Backstroke Boys 9-10
Event 31               50 Meter Backstroke Girls 11-12
Event 32               50 Meter Backstroke Boys 11-12
Event 33               50 Meter Backstroke Girls 13-14
Event 34               50 Meter Backstroke Boys 13-14
Event 35               50 Meter Backstroke Girls 15-18
Event 36               100 Meter Backstroke Boys 15-18
Event 37               25 Meter Breaststroke Girls 8 & Under
Event 38               25 Meter Breaststroke Boys 8 & Under
Event 39               25 Meter Breaststroke Girls 9-10
Event 40               25 Meter Breaststroke Boys 9-10
Event 41               50 Meter Breaststroke Girls 11-12
Event 42               50 Meter Breaststroke Boys 11-12
Event 43               50 Meter Breaststroke Girls 13-14
Event 44               50 Meter Breaststroke Boys 13-14
Event 45               50 Meter Breaststroke Girls 15-18
Event 46               100 Meter Breaststroke Boys 15-18
Event 47               25 Meter Butterfly Girls 8 & Under
Event 48               25 Meter Butterfly Boys 8 & Under
Event 49               25 Meter Butterfly Girls 9-10
Event 50               25 Meter Butterfly Boys 9-10
Event 51               50 Meter Butterfly Girls 11-12
Event 52               50 Meter Butterfly Boys 11-12
Event 53               50 Meter Butterfly Girls 13-14
Event 54               50 Meter Butterfly Boys 13-14
Event 55               50 Meter Butterfly Girls 15-18
Event 56               50 Meter Butterfly Boys 15-18
Event 57               100 Meter Freestyle Relay Girls 8 & Under
Event 58               100 Meter Freestyle Relay Boys 8 & Under
Event 59               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Girls 9-10
Event 60               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Boys 9-10
Event 61               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Girls 11-12
Event 62               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Boys 11-12
Event 63               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Girls 13-14
Event 64               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Boys 13-14
Event 65               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Girls 15-18
Event 66               200 Meter Freestyle Relay Boys 15-18

Scoring for Individual Events:

1st place – 5 points
2nd place – 3 points
3rd place – 1 point

Scoring for Relays:
1st place – 7 points
2nd place – 0 points​

Karin Lavallee
Email: karinhopke@hotmail.com
Cell: (609) 335-5257
                Jackson (9) - 9-10 age group
                Olivia (9) - 9-10 age group

Erin Mansukani
Email: erinmansukani411@comcast.net
Cell: (610) 453-0450
                Jayne (10) – 9-10 age group
                Grace (8) - 8 & Unders

Janice Caccuro
Email: janicepetrella@hotmail.com
Cell: (609) 760-3409
                Caden (9) – 9-10 age group
                Cole (8) – 8 & Unders
                Gavin (6) – 8 & Unders

Betsy Faino
Email: b.faino@yahoo.com
Cell: (609) 828-6428
                Alexandria (11) – 11-12 age group
                Gianna (9) – 9-10 age group

Cindy and James Mumma
Email: cjmumma@yahoo.com
Cell (Cindy): (856) 912-5916
Cell (James): (856) 904-9466
                James “JJ” (14) – 13-14 age group
                Grace (13) – 13-14 age group
                Luke (11) – 11-12 age group

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