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As you all know we have the honor of hosting the Jack Hafner Championship Meet this year, on Saturday July 29.  This meet, formerly theBurlington County Championship, is an exciting competition held one week before the Tri County Championship Meet.  We will not host this meet again for 8-9 years, so it is crucial that we make the most of this fabulous opportunity!  ALL families will benefit from the success of the meet - so naturally ALL families will be needed to help.

It is a LOT of fun - for swimmers and for volunteers alike!
You will get a snazzy VOLUNTEER shirt, use of the permanent restrooms (!), and free admission IF you work a minimum of 2 hours!! (you math people know what that means!)
Please take a moment to read about the many volunteer opportunities and choose where you would like to help.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me..


  Let me know where to put your name!
***High Schoolers (including rising 9th graders) are welcome to sign up - and can earn volunteer hours!!

2017 JACK HAFNER Committees
ADVERTISING:   Kate Wilson  katewilson3@me.com
This involves every single family on the team/club, and is by far our largest anticipated source of revenue.  Please pay attention to Kate's emails, and get out there and sell some ads!  Remind potential sponsors of the scope of the meet - all of Burlington County and beyond !!!  They will get a lot of exposure - thousands of people will see their ads / banners.  Banners will hang on our fence once they are paid for - and will remain there for the entire season, including during the Jack Hafner Meet.  If each family sells at least a $50 ad, our team/club will benefit tremendously.  (Remind potential advertisers that you will not be asking them again for eight to nine years!!)
Volunteers needed - every family on the team!! YOU ARE ALL ON THIS COMMITTEE!
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FOOD -  Linda Marter
This is an area where the a LOT volunteers are needed.  This committee involves food prep / setup the day before the meet, and workers for the food area for the duration of the meet, including the early morning warmup sessions.  The day will most likely be split up into three sessions, and many volunteers will be needed for each one.  Help will also be needed with breakdown.  It's a busy, but FUN place to be during the meet!!  If you eat - we need you!! Flip a burger...sell a Gatorade...be in the vicinity of food and drink!  This will be a hub of activity! 
20 Volunteers Needed

SECURITY - Mark Black
This obviously involves security!  Several volunteers will be needed the day of the meet.  Security personnel will be posted around the pool for the duration of the meet.  We will need people at the entrance gates, near the office (where money is counted), by the bathrooms, outside the hospitality room, on deck / by the bleachers, and at various other locations for the duration of the meet. Security Volunteers will also escort the money collectors several times throughout the day.  Volunteers may also be needed the night before the meet...more specific information forthcoming.  Ever been to a concert or a night club and been told what's what by a guy in a "SECURITY" shirt??  Now you can BE that guy!!  Keep the peace, guard the money, keep intruders out of the real bathrooms...We need you!!
12-15 volunteers willing to be "on duty" for the duration of the meet and/or the night before the meet.

PARKING - Roger Wilson
This committee involves anything having to do with parking - including posting signs / barriers prior to the meet, monitoring parking passes in our lot, directing swimmer drop offs, directing traffic to offsite parking, and ensuring safety in and about the various parking areas.  Signs / barriers will also need to be removed after the meet. Nothing boring about this committee - no guarantees but there's rumor of orange traffic pointers being handed out...think air traffic control!  
8-12 Volunteers needed

Facilities:  Jerry Wahl, Jim McKeon
Much help will be needed here by the GROUNDS CREW as well as any/all available parents.  This involves physically readying the club for the meet.
Anticipated needs:
Friday – Clear chairs from the deck, remove slide, set up bleachers, set up scaffold.
      (All Grounds Crew and any available parents – 30 people at least)
- port-a-pot delivery, place team flags on roof (lifeguard?), set up picnic area, set up tents, set up Pheasant Run team tent, mount results board.  All can be done by GROUNDS CREW – at least 10 people needed.   Open Tent City to other clubs at 4pm
Saturday – equipment/facility maintenance, as needed
                        CLEAN UP – ALL HANDS !!  Want to help transform our club into the best multi-team facility in Tri-County?? Got muscles - and want to show them off??  Sign up here!
Volunteers Needed - 30 volunteers available for part or all of the meet, including Friday setup and post-meet clean up. You can help Friday and still commit to another job!

FLOATERS - Ruth Anne Pluckhorn
This is crucial!  We will need several people willing to be designated volunteer Floaters.  You will be on call the entire day - to fill in as needed.  In the case of no-shows, or unexpected extra help needed  - you will be contacted and assigned where you are needed.  It could be a short assignment - to fill in for a bathroom break - or it could end up being a long assignment - that could last for the duration of the meet.  You will be expected to be available starting very early - and at some point you will be given something to do. WE WILL NEED FLOATERS! IT'S THE MYSTERY JOB - YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU'LL BE NEEDED - BUT REST ASSURED - YOU'LL BE NEEDED!
4-6 Volunteers Needed

Flyer Creation / Distribution - Kate Wilson
We will need some parent volunteers during practice approximately one week before the meet to distribute flyers to the neighbors around Pheasant Run alerting them of the upcoming meet.  They should be told to expect increased traffic and parking in the area for the duration of the meet.  THIS IS FOR THE ALREADY COMMITTED VOLUNTEER WHO JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH! CHEERS!
3-5 Volunteers Needed (This should not be your only job - it is a very short assignment.)